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Q., feel free to post your.Q. as a new question to attract more answers or votes. There are 3 known issues in JIRA v.5.3 (see first issue list on Tried using 5.3 with JIRA 4.3 but ended up with these 5 issues: This issue: A: This is a known issue and will be fixed with the next release (5.3.0.RC1) - the fix will be included when the final release is out on May 27th. This project will focus on elucidating the kinetics of acid-base regulation of excitability in immature cardiac tissue and on defining the effects of changing extracellular pH (pH(e)) on inward ion currents. Specifically, we will study the temporal relationship between changes in extracellular pH and the appearance of transient inward currents (I(t)) and outward currents induced by a KCl pulse. We will also determine if the rate of change of pH(e) affects the time course of I(t) and outward currents. The effects of pH(e) on the I(t) elicited by acetylcholine (ACh) will be determined, as will the effects of changing pH(e) on the Ca2+ and Na+ currents (I(Ca) and I(Na)) that underlie the I(t). We will determine if increasing pH(e) increases the time course of appearance of I(Ca) and I(Na) and/or alters their amplitude and voltage dependence. Finally, we will determine if increasing pH(e) has a similar effect on the I(t) in immature and adult cardiac tissue. Changes in intracellular pH (pH(i)) will




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Activation AutoCAD LT 2008 Key airxav

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